A Tour of WinCALIS and WinCALIS Author Skills

The following are Lotus ScreenCam movies of screen activity while performing skills and activities done in WinCALIS and WinCALIS Author. They are to serve as a sort of tour, allowing you to see precisely what can be done to create a script. To view the ScreenCam movies, you need a ScreenCam player for your machine (Win9x and WinNT only), which you can download from our site by clicking below:

And now download the actual ScreenCam files and open them using the player on your machine (Win95/NT 4.0 only):
(Note that the activities demonstrated below are detailed in a printable, searchable PDF file, olympics_tutorial.pdf )

  1. Direct.scm (69k)
    Shows how to create Popup Directions in WinCALIS Author
  2. Shortans.scm (107k)
    Shows how to create a short answer task type, anticipated responses, and feedback in WinCALIS Author
  3. Text.scm (96k)
    Shows how to create a Presentation (Text) window, containing formatted text and graphics in WinCALIS Author

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