WinCALIS Listserv Information

To subsribe to the WinCALIS listserv:

A listserver, as its name suggests, is a system that creates a list of individuals (as recognized by an e-mail account) who can send messages to each other through a single central point.

The wincalis listserv is intended to be a forum for WinCALIS Authors and friends to share questions, comments, and ideas about the WinCALIS and Author programs. We at the Humanities Computing Laboratory will also take advantage of the listserv to announce updates, new features, and other WinCALIS news and activities. Because the traffic level of the list can only be determined by the activity of its subscribers, we are unable to say how many messages this listserv will send you (I don't think it will stuff your mailbox).

The wincalis listserv is an open one, so you may subscribe yourself to the list as shown above. Be sure to send that message from the account to which you wish the mail be sent. Once you are subscribed, you have the opportunity to post a message to the list, which in turn gets sent to all others on the list. Send your message to The message will be relayed to all list members. Enjoy!

Majordomo listserv help file:

This is the "Majordomo" mailing list manager, version 1.92 (Duke-1.16).

In the description below items contained in []'s are optional. When providing the item, do not include the []'s around it.

It understands the following commands:

subscribe [<list>] [<address>] Subscribe yourself (or <address> if specified) to the named <list>. unsubscribe [<list>] [<address>] Unsubscribe yourself (or <address> if specified) from the named <list>. which [<address>] Find out which lists you (or <address> if specified) are on. who [<list>] Find out who is on the named <list>. info [<list>] Retrieve the general introductory information for the named <list>. lists Show the lists served by this Majordomo server. help Retrieve this message. end Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature).

Commands should be sent in the body of an email message to "" or to "".

The parameter is only optional if the message is sent to an address of the form "".

Commands in the "Subject:" line NOT processed.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact "".

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