Open Door Technology Days
at the Humanities Computing Laboratory

Our Open Door Technology Days are a way we enable the campus community to learn about and try out the newest technologies right here in our lab. Feel free to visit for any length of time at any point during the tech day.
Here is our schedule:

Spring 1999 or Fall 1999 Creating, Editing, Storing, and Playing Digital Audio and Video, including Introduction to DVD-ROM (tentative)
Fall 1999?Uses of Intelligence in Computer Systems (tentative)
Fall 1999?HTML, XML, and SGML: academic applications (tentative)
March 24, 1998
Foreign Language Technologies- The Invitation/Program
- Foreign Lang Chars in Email
January 20, 1998Speech Recognition: Is Now the Time?- Agenda
- Speech Recognition Page
November 14, 1997Open House: Demo of HCF Services- The Invitation
- Our Main Page

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