Scanning and OCR Services


Document scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), and electronic imaging have opened new opportunities to the world of information presentation, storage, and sharing.

Have print or graphic material in hand? We can reinvent it for you in electronic format.

Dust off that old out-of-print edition of your scholarly treatise and let us give it new life, so that you can edit it with your word processor and publish it anew. Import stacks of numerical data on paper into your favorite spreadsheet program. We helped a professor of music to scan musical scores from an 18th-century manuscript for incorporation in his book. A library was able to scan a catalog of all theses and dissertations up to 1972 concerning South Asia, using our equipment and resources. A "drawer novel" from the 1940's became camera-ready copy for a vanity press, as a birthday gift to its author. If you have a considerable amount of any printed material, save yourself the time and energy of retyping. We can also scan in many of the languages of the world.

You supply the printed material and/or graphics...
We scan it...
Perform editing at your request...
And the electronic version is ready for you, in the file format of your choice.



Sample (up to 3 pages) free
Full Service: Per page:
Loose sheets, as is (No post-editing of OCR'd text)* $0.50*
Bound volumes, as is, (No post-editing of OCR'd text)* $1.00*
With training, hand-zoning, and limited post-editing, usually 99.5+% accurate, even with poor-quality text* $1.00-2.00*
With training, hand-zoning, full post-editing and proofing, 100% accurate $5.00-10.00* (depending on nature of material)
Adobe Acrobat PDF (with OCR) * (same options and prices as above)
Adobe Acrobat PDF (Image only) * $0.20 (loose sheets) - $0.30 (bound originals)
Editing, per hour $50.00
Self Service, per hour** $9.00

*  Volume discounts available: 10% discount on orders of over 1000 pages; 20% discount on orders of over 3000 pages.
** Minimum Charge $10.00

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