The WinCALIS 2.17 CD-ROM Package

(January 1996)

CD Contents Overview

The new WinCALIS Author Workstation CD-ROM contains the following directories:


This is a CD-ROM version of the standard WinCALIS Author 2.1 Workstation setup (maintenance release 2.17).

To install the WinCALIS Author Workstation on your hard disk, run "d:\install\setup.exe" from the Windows 3.1 Program Manager "File,Run" menu or from the Windows 95 "Start" menu (substituting for "d:" the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive).

This is a setup designed for Windows 3.1. It also installs successfully much of the time under Windows 95. If it does not finish successfully on your system, you can do the installation manually. Usually, all files are written to the hard disk OK, but your WinCALIS fonts are not always installed properly in Windows 95 and the WINCALIS.INI file is not created dynamically at the end of setup.

You can install fonts manually from the Windows 95 "Start" Menu: "Start, Settings, Control Panel, Fonts." Install them in your Windows 95 FONTS directory (the default) from the CD-ROM \INSTALL\FONTS subdirectory or from your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, if they were copied there. You can then delete from your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory all the WinCALIS font files with filenames WC2*.TTF, WC2*.FOT, and WC2*.FON.

You can copy the substitute WINCALIS.INI file from the CD-ROM \INSTALL\WINCALIS subdirectory to the main directory in which you installed the WinCALIS Author Workstation on your hard disk. Rename it WINCALIS.INI. Then open the file in a plain text editor like the Windows Notepad and edit the directory paths as needed. If you installed WinCALIS in the C:\WINCALIS directory, no editing should be needed.

For late-breaking information, watch this Humanities Computing Lab website: http://


This is a full installation of WinCALIS which contains ready-to-run versions of all WinCALIS program files and sample exercises. It contains many more sample exercises, especially with multimedia, than are installed during the regular setup. You can run exercises directly from the CD-ROM with your WinCALIS and open .CAL script files for viewing and further customization, if desired, with your WinCALIS Author program.

There are numerous other bonuses in the CD-ROM \WINCALIS directory and its subdirectories, including a version of our Unicode Text Editor UniEdit, which you can install and create an icon for.

NOTE: Due to an error by the CD-ROM manufacturer during the mastering process, a number of sample exercises were omitted from the various language subdirectories under the \WINCALIS\SCRIPTS subdirectory. These include some English samples in the \ENGLISH directory, all Hungarian samples in the \HUNGAR directory, an Italian sample in the \ITALIAN directory, a Latin sample in the \LATIN directory, all Malay samples in the \MALAY directory, Croatian, Czech, and Ukrainian samples in the \SLAVIC directory, all Turkish samples in the \TURKISH directory, and most of the sample exercises meant to illustrate new authoring features of the WinCALIS 2.1 language in the \WC21_NEW directory (most of these in the \WC21_NEW directory are, however, installed to your hard disk during the WinCALIS Author Workstation setup, if the "Sample Exercises" option is selected). You may download a self-extracting ZIP archive containing all these omitted sample exercises, if you wish, from this website Place the downloaded archive, MOREXERC.EXE (3/22/96 1,598K) in your "SCRIPTS" directory and in your Win95/NT Explorer or Win3.1 File Manager double-click on it. Alternatively, you can go to the Run dialog box from the Start menu and type: C:\WINCALIS\SCRIPTS\morexerc.exe

You can also choose to delete certain files and directories which were installed on your hard disk during setup, or simply not select an option to install during setup, then edit your WINCALIS.INI file to redirect WinCALIS and Author to the versions on the CD-ROM. Such files include the setup options "Sample Exercises" (however, see the preceding note on exercises omitted from the CD-ROM); "Bouquet of Sample Exercises"; all file character code conversion filters and DOS conversion utilities (edit the "Conversions=" line in WINCALIS.INI); sample *.BMP bitmap graphics files (edit the "Graphics=" line in WINCALIS.INI); and big on-line dictionaries in the DICTS subdirectory, such as the Korean-and-English dictionary--there is also a large Japanese-and-English dictionary on the CD-ROM--(edit the "Dictionaries=" line in WINCALIS.INI).

If you configure your CD-ROM drive so that it is drive "G:" you might be able to run WinCALIS entirely off the CD. You will of course still need to install fonts in your copy of Windows and give yourself icons to click on. It is easiest to run the full installation on your hard disk, then redirect your icon shortcuts to the CD-ROM and reinstall the fonts from the CD-ROM. Then, you can delete the entire WinCALIS installation on your hard disk. There may be significant time penalties in running WinCALIS and WinCALIS Author from the CD-ROM, not to mention other unforeseen complications (this being the first yet-to-see-the-light-of-day WinCALIS CD!). In order to make your CD-ROM drive be a "G:" drive, add the switch /L:g to the MSCDEX line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.


This directory has subdirectories containing disk images for the standard WinCALIS Author 2.1 Workstation setup (maintenance release 2.17) on floppy disks. In order to create a setup on floppy disks, you can use the DOS XCOPY command with the /E switch to copy the entire contents of each subdirectory, including the entire subdirectory structure, named DISK1....DISK12, to 12 floppy disks:

E:\FLOPPIES\AUTHOR\DISK1>xcopy *.* a:/e

The directories \STUDENT\DISK1 and \STUDENT\DISK2 contain the setup for the WinCALIS Student Workstation (WinCALIS Runtime). As with the Author Workstation floppies above, in order to create a setup on floppy disks, use the DOS XCOPY command with the /E switch to copy the entire contents of each subdirectory, DISK1 and DISK2, including the entire subdirectory structure, to 2 floppy disks. Note that the Student Workstation is intended to be installed on a different computer from the WinCALIS Author Workstation, which already contains a special author-enhanced version of the WinCALIS runtime.

The directory \VFW contains the setup for Microsoft Video For Windows v. 1.1D runtime (not needed for Windows 95). This can be run directly from the CD-ROM or from a floppy disk.

The directory \WINSPELL contains the setup for WinSpell, a shareware Windows spellchecker for English, which works with WinCALIS Author and WinCALIS. For details, see the Author Workstation README file (click on icon in program group after installation or read in \INSTALL directory.

The directory \CONVDEMO contains the WinCALIS Author Demo Developer's Kit. See the README.TXT in that directory for details.

Replacement Chinese Pinyin Conversion Dictionary

A typo in the CD-ROM version of the Chinese pinyin conversion dictionary prevents conversion of any single characters pronounced "min." You may download a self-extracting ZIP archive containing replacements for the three dictionary files: CHINDICT.EXE (11/6/96 564K). Place the downloaded archive in your main WinCALIS program directory (e.g., C:\WINCALIS) and at a DOS prompt, type

cd c:\wincalis

After the corrupted files are replaced, the file CHINDICT.EXE can be deleted.

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