Corpus of Wa Texts

Works Which Currently Comprise the Digitised and Searched Corpus

Chinese orthography (Wa-CN)

Myanmar-based orthographies (Bible and revised Bible orthography variations) (Wa-MM)

Multiple orthographies and languages (TEI XML-encoded parallel texts and other interlinear translations)

  1. Parable of the Sower [ Metadata ]
  2. The North Wind and the Sun [ Metadata ]
  3. Wayu huihua keben 佤语会话课本 [ Metadata ]
  4. 'Sigangli' de chuanshuo “司岗里”的传说 (Wazu shehui lishi diaocha, v.2 佤族社会历史调查(二), pp. 158-209) [ Metadata ]

Translations, secondary works, and parallel texts of Wa texts above in Burmese, Chinese, or English languages

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