Parsee Prakash

Compiled by
Bahmanji Behramji Patel
Rustom Barjorji Paymaster

Through the good offices of Dr. Noshir M. Khambatta, who made copies of this rare work available to us, the Humanities Computing Laboratory is pleased to be able to offer the first three volumes of the multi-volume series Parsee Prakash, compiled by Bahmanji Behramji Patel and Rustom Barjorji Paymaster, to the community at large in a digitized facsimile edition on DVD or CD-ROM. (For further information on the full scope of this series, see the Brief History of Parsee Prakash (PDF 65KB), included on each disc.)

Volume 1 (Published 1878, 1888, 1052 pp., plus prefaces)

Volume 2 (Published 1910, 884 pp., plus prefaces and appendix)

Volume 3 (Published 1920, 1116 pp., plus prefaces)

The text of Parsee Prakash is predominantly in Gujarati, with a number of passages in English, and occasionally in Arabic and other languages. There are usually prefaces in both Gujarati and English. Each digital volume contains full-page images in both Adobe Acrobat PDF format (typically 50 pages per PDF file) and JPEG format (one page per JPEG image). Each disc also contains a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, for viewing the PDfs even without an installed copy of Acrobat, and a shareware viewer for JPEGs and many other image types.

The text was photographed using digital photography technology available ca. 2000. Because of the extremely fragile state of the paper in the books, their owner did not permit them to be optically scanned using a flatbed optical scanner. In addition, the paper in the books, especially Vol. 1, is very yellowed with age. As a result of these two factors, the clarity of the images is not as high as it could have been otherwise. To see the image quality, please look at the sample JPEG or one of the two sample Acrobat PDFs.

Copies of the digital Parsee Prakash may be obtained directly from the Humanities Computing Laboratory at US$100.00 for a complete set of all three volumes (1 DVD-R or 6 CD-ROMs), Individual volumes are US$40.00 per volume (2 CDs). Payment can be through PayPal (account "rkunst" at "", substituting @ for the word "at"), or by cash, money order, check (payable to the Humanities Computing Laboratory), or bank transfer. Shipping and handling is an additional US$5.00 (U.S. and Canada) and US$15.00 (international). Residents of North Carolina please add 7.5% sales tax.

Richard Kunst

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