(Some characters used in editing ReadIRIS OCR output.)

Correct     Incorrect
要 (replace 耍)
听 (replace 昕)
味 (replace 昧)
曰 (replace 日)
儿 (replace JL)
了 (replace 丁)
舂 (replace 春)
老 (replace 者)
卜 (replace 卡)
字 (replace 宇)
问 (replace 间)
无 (replace 元)
子 (replace 于)
勐 (replace 勋)
田 (replace 回)
字 (replace 宇)
要 (replace 妥)
的 (replace 均)

自 (replace *selectively* with 白 )
剌 (replace *almost* all with 刺 )
组 (replace *selectively* with 细 )
出 (replace *selectively* with 山 )
佤 (replace 低假倪侃缸瓦值伍 etc.)
拉祜 (replace 拉桔...)
鹌鹑 (replace 鹊辑,鹊藕,鹤藕,鹊弱)